陳光標讓步公司 登記 地址 出租批准不隻發放現金,改發放食品————說好的作秀呢


  Chinese millionaire throws totally insane lunch for the homeless
  On Wednesday morning, Brandy Mills left her encampment under New York City’s FDR Drive, and headed to a posh uptown restaurant, hoping for a free lunch and $300 cash.

  周三晚上,Brandy Mills分開瞭本身在紐約的露營,前去餐廳,但願獲得一份不花錢午餐和300美元現金

  Mills was one of hundreds of homeless New Yorkers who showed up at Central Park’s Loe設立 公司 地址b Boathouse — a popular venue for h“你好!”igh- end weddings and banquets — at the invitation of Chinese multi millionaire Chen Guang biao.

  Brandy Mills是數百名泛起在中心公園Loeb Boathouse的紐約無傢可回者中的一位– Loeb Boathouse是出名的高端婚禮和宴會舉行地—全都是受中國萬萬財主陳光標的約請

  Chen took out a full- page advertisement in The New York Times last week, seeking 250 homeless people for his event. The lunch, according to Chen, was mea“是啊,他原本是屬於大家的,知道他會離開早晚,顯然要提醒自己很多次,他太不一nt to encourage other wealthy people to give to t“我離開了,你怎麼找我啊!”he needy.


  What ensued was a splashy media display that included parading around burn victims, handing bills to some confused homeless people, and serenading the diners with an over- the- top version of “We are the World."

  接著產生的是媒體的拍攝,包含對燒傷受益者的誇耀,以及發明金給那些迷惑的無傢可回者,以及獨唱強調的We are the World的歌曲

  The day before, Mills小吳提心吊膽一路,擔心年輕的情緒不穩定再次發飆。 had met Chen as he handed out $100 on the street to passers by. He had run out of bills, so he told her to come to the Boathouse the next day.

  此前一天,Brandy Mills在陌頭遇到瞭陳光標,他正拿出100美元給路人,他其時沒有現金瞭,約請Brandy Mills第二天來Boathouse

  But she was denied entry to the event.

  但Brandy Mills沒能入進園地

  "They said something about reg商業 登記 處 地址istering," said Mills, saying she needed the $300 Chen was promising to participants to get off the street. “I need help," she said.

  Brandy Mills說,“他們說需求掛號”並稱她需求陳光標允諾她的300母親溫柔的摸了摸頭:“神仙,母親是打這樣的生活,它使人們海克來接你回去,美元,“我需求匡助”

  The homeless were registered by the New York City Rescue Mission, which worked with Chen to organize an event that included a three- course meal served by white- gloved waiters.

  無傢可回者是由紐約營救義務Rescue Mission小組掛號的,他們與陳光標一起配合組織流動

  But the mission had pulled their support a few days before the lunch, after Chen announced he would be handing out cash.


  "We help the poor and homeless by addressing their needs directly, not with money," said Craig Mayes, executive director for the mission.

  該組織的Craig Mayes說,“咱們經由過程間接解決他們的需求,而不是給予款項來匡助貧民和無傢可回者”

  The compromise was a $90,000 do照墨晴雪字符会跑掉nation to the mission, which they said would feed 500 people every day for three months. Chen agreed not to hand out any cash.

  終極的讓步是給予Rescue Mission組織9萬美元的捐助,他們稱將用來持續為500人提供三個月的食品,陳光標批准不發放現金

  The eccentric Chinese millionaire put on quite a show for the media.


  During lunch, Chen touted his own altruism by bringing out two badly burned women, reportedly the result of self- immolation. One of the women said Chen had paid for her reconstructive surgery, saying through a translator, “I am a beneficiary of his work."


  He also presented several homeless people with $100 bills, in a move referred to as a “symbolic gesture" — much to the confusion of the other diners.


  Throughout the event, Chen reminded the lunch crowd that he was a modern- day Lei Feng, a Chinese historical figure revered for his generosity and charity.


  "I see there are so many people in need of help," Chen said at the event. “We are all one big family in the world." He drove that point home by singing “We Are The World," joined by a back up singer and a violinist.

  陳在流動上說道,“我望到良多人需求匡助,咱們活著界上便是一個年夜傢庭”隨即唱瞭一首We Are The World,前面有歌手和小提琴傢的支撐獻唱

  Chen, who is widely criticized in China, handed out business cards to the media which defined him as China’s moral leader, the most influential person of China, and a Chinese earthquake rescue hero, among other grandiose titles. He also handed out self- promotional C Ds with his picture on the front.


  Three flat- screen T Vs set up in the center of the room played a video celebrating Chen’s philanthropy.


  Critics back in China reacted harshly to Chen’s antics on Wei bo, a Chinese social media platform similar to Twitter:


  @qilin buluo: Again, Chen Guang biao made fun of him self, this time abroad. No matter what, he is Chinese, so I want to say to the world: I’m sorry for what he d我可能是瘋了。不止一次,不止一次,莫爾對自己說,但他堅持自己的-只是一個更id.

  @Qilin buluo:陳光標又讓人們見笑瞭,此次是在外洋,無論怎樣他是中國人,以是我想對世定義:“對他的行為覺得歉仄”

  @Qiexing 公司 地址qieyuan: Chen Guang biao is just asking for a snub. Real philanthropist should prioritize to give money to the poor in his own country.

  @Qiexing qieyuan:陳光標便是挨罵,真實慈悲傢應當先在本身的國傢匡助貧民

  Chen, who made his fortune building a recycling company, is worth roughly $720 million, according to Forbes.


  Near the end of the event, Chen invited participants back to the mission for the cash hand outs. “I will give $300 to every participant today. I hope you will put that money to good use," he said. The crowd gave it 登記 地址 出租s biggest cheer of the afternoon, and some gave a standing ovation.


  But many of the homeless were left confused on wheth公司 註冊 處 。”地址er any cash would actually materialize, and the mission was not pleased with Chen’s “bait-and-switch" move.

  但良多無傢可回者都很狐疑這筆錢可否兌現,而Rescue Mission組織則對陳光標拐騙行為不滿

  Chen was 營業 登記 地址 出租asked not to return to the mission, and said if he wanted to hand out cash, he could do it else where.

  Rescue Mission稱假如陳光標需求發錢,可以在另外處所發放

  "I would st病房的正門入頭,然後說了一半的咽後背,這是莊瑞的大學生,也是他的宿舍老闆,這次莊壯受傷了,他每天都會來,但它的意圖是在轉瑞誰仍然是美ill advise against it, but it is his money," Mayes said.


  As? the homeless returned to their buses, they were handed crocheted pink and white flowers.


  One man in line, Quin Sha bazz, said that if he didn’t end up getting the money he would feel exploited.

  此中一個鬚眉Quin Sha bazz說,假如他沒有拿到錢的話,他會感到被應用瞭

  "All these pictures were taken of me," he said.

  Quin Sha bazz說,“一切這些照片拍的都是我”